Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Photos

A friend and I went out pig-hunting tonight. We were stymied when we discovered the land was already being hunted when we arrived, but we stuck around till after dark anyway. Despite my better judgement, Sterling trapped me into coming with us when he actually sat still in a corner for 5 minutes (a feat I didn't think he could accomplish) This photo documents the success of the hunt. Somebodies daddy cares enough about him to bring him a sleeping bag...

A rabbit came up to within about 5 feet from Sterling and that was the highlight of the hunt. As you can see below - he was very excited about that.
We stopped in to visit unkigiash on the way home from Florida. Ginger refused to pose with him. Dapper haircut though huh? He's livin' large right on the bayou in a cozy little 3 bedroom home.
We actually ran into the Allreds on the way home from FL. They had to stop for a potty-break as William demonstrates below. :)