Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dutch Sunday

This is the view from the window of the chapel in the church here. Right now church is held in an office building -they say they are going to break ground for a new building right down the street from our house sometime this summer, but I guess construction moves pretty slowly over here (compared to the rate at which they do things in the US). It is a bit distracting when you can watch the ambulances and police go flying past with their lights blaring during a church meeting...

And here is how we get around - the red "fietzpad" and Ginger is usually on the back of someone's bike. Today, she really wanted to ride on Winter's bike.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

New IPhone = Pictures

A new friend sold me a jailbroken Iphone for 60 Euro (jailbroken means I can just stick a regular prepaid SIM card in it without buying into a contract.) That means I now have a camera!

The cool tunnel I ride through every day (and yes, that is me on my uber-cool moped):

The view from my office on our 3rd floor bedroom overlooking a canal and some "park" type area in front of the next row of houses. There is a fietzpad (bike path) in front of the road and there are (on nice days) tons of bikers, walkers and dog walkers going by - quite scenic.

One more quick note about that photo from the tunnel - Jessica took it when we were riding back from Rotterdam where we attended a Chinese New Years party thrown by some of my school friends. It was raining, and Jessica rode the whole way home on the cargo rack on the back of the moped....CRAZY. Anyway, it was cool to have some company on the ride, but over 20kM with 2 people on a moped made for 1 was a bit on the long side.