Sunday, April 3, 2011

Rottemeren Fort

Since I had the week off, and since the kids have a 1/2 day each Wednesday, I took them out to build a fort in the forest between here and Rotterdam.

There were dead branches ALL over the place so it was no problem and with some teamwork, we had this nifty little fort built.

There was some old tarp laying around that we cut a few squares off to get us off the wet ground.
We built a little tiny comfort fire and had some snacks.
Not sure what this pose is all about...
Sterling had packed his marbles along, so we set up a circle and the kids had fun playing for the first time.
This is the lake that is basically the start of the river that Rotterdam was named after. Sterling and Winter were pretty proud of themselves for getting the courage up to cross this gaping chasm of death over a raging whitewater river...
And of course, when they saw this little dam, they had to show off on it too - this time Ginger got involved.


Nancy Sabina said...

What a fun adventure with Dad! You're such a cool Dad.

Grampa Earl said...

Such a cool Dad. You must have had some great upbringing by a marvelous teacher and example. LOL. It is a very cool fort. The fire looked a bit risky, but we're used to that.

Thanks for the photos. River banks are fun places!

Catherine M. said...

Seriously awesome, and even great with the camera! Keep it up Joe!